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Building tools and infrastructure for token distribution

Build a community.
Distribute IOU tokens.

Foster a deeply engaged community by distributing IOU tokens, creating a sense of shared purpose and commitment.

Capx App
Distribute tokens to a growing community of

Capx App has grown to over 140k users in the past 60 days by aligning users and incentivising them with xCapx tokens [Capx IOU Tokens]

Onboard users by offering them skin-in-the-game and increase user retention by

Token holders have a sense of shared purpose and committment with the project.

Effortlessly engage community members and increase engagement by

Tokens are very powerful incentives to attract early users and adopters.

Three Stages of Evolution Of Capx

Capx is designed to evolve through three distinct stages, each focused on addressing a different aspect of the Web3 ecosystem. By progressing through these stages, Capx aims to foster adoption, provide valuable insights, and create a liquid market for token projects and investors.


Adoption layer of Web3

"The first stage of Capx focuses on driving the adoption of Web3 by leveraging its incentivization mechanism to onboard a billion users.

Through the distribution of IOU tokens and other rewards, Capx encourages users to engage with token projects and become active participants in the ecosystem."

Information layer of Web3

"The second stage focuses on the information layer of Web3.

By analyzing on-chain patterns of IOU token distribution and engagement across projects, Capx can identify patterns and trends that may help predict the success of crypto tokens."

Liquidity layer of Web3

"The third stage of Capx's evolution focuses on the liquidity layer of Web3. By providing valuable information and insights, Capx can generate quality alpha for investors, enabling them to make better investment decisions.

Additionally, Capx will offer tooling for investors to invest in projects and access liquidity against unvested positions."
Capx for Teams
  • Onboard Users
  • Distribute IOU tokens
  • Build a loyal community
  • Bootstrap Engagement
  • Stream Tokens
Capx for Investors
  • Discover Alpha
  • Help your Portfolio Projects
  • Invest like a VC, Manage like a Hedge Fund
  • Access Dealflow
  • Access Liquidity
Capx Token

Capx Tokenomics Paper v1.0

The goal of Capx tokenomics, through its incentives and policies, is to create a schelling point where the protocol’s growth, sustainability and safety take priority over individual stakeholder objectives.

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